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PE realizes that the development of your organization and, particularly, how you manage change impacts the success of your business. Our professionals guide and facilitate numerous organizations - large and small - to develop or refine their vision, mission, goals, objectives, and value proposition and provide them a path forward that enables the best possible support to their customers; facilitate development of a highly trained, experienced, certified, and knowledgeable workforce; and provide a framework to support decision-making at every level. PE's goal is to provide you the tools you need to optimize your organization and realize success.
PE helps organizations build and maximize enterprise value. We achieve this through the creation and implementation of value enhancement strategies. We guide organizations to conduct strategic business planning and align strategic priorities with financial realities. Our team of professionals leads our clients through all the key steps in integrated strategic business planning. Our work begins with conducting an assessment of your organization, identifying business objectives, developing your strategy, conducting an impact analysis, and developing your implementation plan. Whether your organization needs Strategic Planning, a Performance Based Logistics Business Case Analysis, a Technology Assessment, a Risk Assessment, or a Life Cycle Cost Estimate, PE brings value to your organization by facilitating informed decisions.
ThinkTank® is a suite of tools, employed by PE, which shorten cycle time for brainstorming, strategic planning, product development, problem solving, requirements gathering, risk assessments, requests-for-proposals, proposals, team decisions, and other collaborations. ThinkTank® moves face-to-face or virtual teams through customizable processes towards their goals faster and more effectively than any technology or team process approach you have ever experienced before. With ThinkTank®, PE's facilitators can assist your organization with:
  • Generating creative new ideas.
  • Distilling ideas to the best few.
  • Clarifying and organizing ideas & comments.
  • Evaluating ideas, concepts, and the way ahead.
  • Bringing out diverse views and build consensus.
  • Creating solutions, results, and your future.
Cost Estimates (ACEIT)
ACEIT (Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools) is a family of applications that support program managers and cost/financial analysts during all phases of a program's life-cycle. ACEIT applications are the premier tool for analyzing, developing, sharing, and reporting cost estimates, providing a framework to automate key analysis tasks and simplify/standardize the estimating process. Our trained and experienced cost estimators employ ACEIT, as well as other approved and proven cost estimating methodologies.
Lean Six Sigma
PE trains and develops personnel with LSS certifications who maintain membership in the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Our professionals are currently involved in projects ranging that include knowledge management and information technology infrastructure to supply chain and industrial base management initiatives.