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PE provides total life cycle systems support across all phases of the integrated defense acquisition system. Our program analysts provide experienced insight into the systems' requirements determination; performance specification development; program acquisition, scheduling, and risk mitigation strategies; and all statutory and regulatory acquisition milestone documentation requirements.
PE provides systems engineering expertise and support to our clients across all phases of product development, testing, fielding, operations, and maintenance. Our systems engineers are actively involved in systems' requirements determination, product performance specification development, developmental and operational testing, and all systems engineering requirements along the acquisition milestone pathway.
PE personnel support all phases of Testing and Evaluation (T&E) from test planning and documentation to execution and reporting. Our test engineers support highly visible programs across a range of products. From complex tasks such as the development of test plans for waveforms and load sets for Chameleon, Hunter, and CREW Receiver Jammer (CVRJ) electronic warfare jammer systems to counter Radio-controlled IED (RCIED) threat devices to simpler but not less important field user evaluation of various Individual Combat Clothing and Equipment that improve warfighter survivability.
PE combines commercial and government best practices in ILS planning and executing with our uniquely experienced workforce to provide our clients alternative solutions that reduce overall cost and enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. PE assists our client implement established and emerging concepts such as:
  • Portfolio Management Approach Through Performance Based Logistics Analysis
  • Performance Based Logistics Analysis and implementation
Our logistics professionals provide a myriad of traditional logistics support to Program Management Offices to achieve greater affordability, flexibility, enhanced performance, and improved operational readiness.
PE provides third-party logistics (3PL) services for part, or all of our clients' supply chain management functions. An emerging capability in our business model, our services in this area are scalable to specific client requirements and typically integrate operations, warehousing, distribution needs of our clients in various locations and environments. PE supports all the processes of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption to meet our customer's requirements.